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CDC Guidlines for 2020 Season

It’s been a crazy spring. We should have been smashing cars long ago, but we all did our part, and now it’s time to get back to the track, We look forward to seeing you all soon

Your health and safety are our priority. Here are our new protocols and things you need to
consider before you come to our shows.

Interview with Frankie Guy on Changing the Game in 2020

Frankie Guy, Hard Core Derby Promotions owner stopped by the studio to discuss the new website that Unit4media created for their company. He laid it out there about the derby world, what he’s got going on with his other three partners and what it means to Change the Game in 2020 for the Derby Nation. Big things are happening with Hard Core Derby Promotions in 2020 and Unit4media is glad to be a part of the action. Thanks for stopping by Freddie and we are stoked about the new Website. Thanks for being part of the Unit4media team.



Here are the top 5 drivers, shows, media groups, promoters, parts suppliers and the top state for demolition derby action as voted by the derby community. 

Full top 10 results, including poll demographics and specific vote counts will be featured in the January edition of the Demolition Derby Life Magazine.